J. Meyer & Sons, Inc. is a family-owned fourth generation business. Julius Meyer began the business in 1883 as a toy importer from the Black Forest region of Germany. The business has continued to evolve since then.

During the course of World War II, when the import business was interrupted, Mr. Meyer’s son Fred facilitated the company’s expansion into the chemical industry. The company developed and sold, among other products, driers for the paint and ink industries.

During the 1960’s, the third generation of the Meyer family saw the field of plastics offering new opportunities – especially in the growing demand for customized colors. Through their knowledge of the ink and paint industries, the development of custom-color masterbatch systems for the plastics industry was a natural progression.

Since that time, J. Meyer & Sons has continued to manufacture thermoplastic color concentrates and compounds for applications in the pharmaceutical, medical device and food packaging industries in particular, as well as other specialty applications.

Located in West Point, PA, our innovative and forward thinking company is committed to solving your polymer color needs by developing and producing a masterbatch product that is unique to your specific color, as well as additive requirements.

In business since 1883

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